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Trackers going off line


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Since 1.8.1 I've been experiencing a regular problem. I'm currently seeding 98 torrents, all through the same tracker. Consistantly, I've been finding that after a length of time (which varies but us usally a couple of hours), the torrents will all indicate that the tracker is off line. I can still seed, however.

I can get things back to normal for a while by stopping uTorrent and restarting it.

All other internet activity (browsers, ftp, on-line gaming, etc.) continues as normal.

Originally, I had thought this might be due to instability in the tracker but I more or less ruled that out.

I figure that with 98 torrents seeding, all of them coming due to refresh the tracker connection at different times and all of them pointing to the same tracker on the same port, they should be randomly failing and working as the tracker goes up and down, if it were a tracker instability problem.

Then I thought, perhaps, uTorrent might not actually check the status of the tracker each time but rely on the status of another torrent that uses the same tracker. Hence, if one torrent tries to refresh the tracker info at the time the tracker is unavailable and subsequent torrents simply update their status to that of the one that actually made the attempt, it would result in all the torrents displaying red as time progressed. It wouldn't account for why the original tracker doesn't re-establish the connection the next time it tries.

I ruled this out by trying some torrents from other sites on different networks. I checked this in case various "different" trackers were being hosted by the same hosting service. Picking trackers on completely different networks produced the same problem. All torrents showed the trackers to be off-line after a few hours but all showed them to be on-line when uTorrent is re-started (only to fail again later).

Any clues as to what might be causing this?

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Haste makes waste, and I apologize for that. I recognized the page you referred me to as one I'd been referred to a while back when I was having speed problems with an earlier version and, not having time at that sitting to actually read the entire page again, I'd forgotten that it included information that should be sent if nothing else works.

Unfortunately, I'm doing it again (I don't have time right now to review and document everything), but I did take the time to review the page in it's entirety. I'll document things more carefully on Wednesday when I get more time.

I did notice one minor difference in the page you referenced as it relates to 1.8.1:

Try lowering maximum global number of connections to 200? 100? 50? Lower? (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent)

This is actually under Preferences > Bandwidth.


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