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High download speeds but stupidly low upload speeds


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So heres the situation...

I get really high download speeds, upto to 700 KB/s sometimes which is about 7 meg I believe. I'm pretty happy with that.

My problem is the upload speeds. I want to build my ratio and seed back obviously, but the upload speed never gets past 5 KB/s ever. The usual upload speed is more like 1 KB. I saw it go to 15 KB/s once and once only. I have an unlimited upload limit set.

What is the problem?

I see no need to port forward as my download speed is high which would suggest that the ports are fine. The green light is always on which means my connection is ok, so surely this is not a port issue? Or is it?

I have tried all kinds of settings but nothing will change the upload rate. My download speeds just get faster and faster though.

What is going on?

Edit - I am very new to all this so be nice :)

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