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Forced delay when auto-opening torrents from folder


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I run utorrent on a home server and start all of my torrents by putting the .torrent file in a folder and setting utorrent to auto-start anything in there. This works great when I start something from home, just drop the file into my server's share and away it goes.

However, I also have an FTP server set up so that I can start torrents from work by FTPing them over. This works as long as the torrent file is below about 15K, but anything over that and utorrent tries to open it before it's been fully uploaded, resulting in an error and requiring me to manually open it when I get home.

So, my request is for a simple option to delay automatically opening new torrent files for a few seconds (or a user-definable time) to avoid this issue occuring.

Thanks very much for a great program, and keep up the good work!

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