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Old Downloads wont finish checking new downloads say there downloading


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Somebody please help me I love Utorrent compared to other bittorrent clients

This is whats going on

I open utorrent and everything works fine after a few minuets i notice the work in progress light on my external hard drive stops utorrent seems to be still downloading fine.

Files that i'm downloading say that they are 99.9% percent done in the download window, but when i got to the file window the actual percentage of download is much less, and Utorrent says its downloading but there is no transfer rate

and this is happening to each individual download

I changed the disk cache settings because i keep getting disk overload even though i have a 500 gig external hard drive that my downloads go to that still have almost 400 gigs of free space

Ctrl-P > Advanced > Disk Cache settings everything disbaled

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