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Listen error


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I understand that to get rid of the listen error problem, you have to change the ports. But.. Im using 43594 as the port because i run a server that other people play on.. and the server is needed to be 43594... I get this listen error because the server uses 43594.. and the utorrent does.. but I need utorrent to port forward for me since I do not know my router username or passwords.


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Sorry to hijack this post but i have the same 'Listen error -you should change the listen port' problem.

I am new to P2P file sharing . I have read the set up guides and port forwarding and firewall set up guides and follwed the instructions carefully.

I have d/loaded some files without problems.

However today, on this particular file i'm downloading in the seeds column it's 0 (0) and in the peers column it's 2 (7).

i'm getting d/l speeds of 0-2 kB/s but often it just stops.

There is a red symbol in the bottom bar but ctrl+g check shows port is open.

Please advise what i need to do.


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