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Changing Drive Path When Moving uTorrent to New Computer-Possible?


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I have just purchased a new HP AMD Phenom 64 Bit Quad Core w/8GB of memory. Drives on my old computer were C(main hard drive), D(DVD Burner), E(DVD Burner), F(1TB WD MyBook hard drive), G(500GB hard drive), and H(250GB hard drive). I configured uTorrent to send my torrents to one drive, my downloads to another, and my completed downloads to another.

I thought moving to a new computer would be a snap, because as I plugged each external into my new computer, the drives would be the same...NOT! My new system has a C primary, but also had a D set aside for Recovery. This of course now throws off each of my external hard drives by one drive letter...instead of F,G and H, they are now G,H and I. Do you see my problem? Is there a way to change the drive paths for the .torrents and downloading files that are already on my externals so that uTorrrent can resume downloading them under the new drive letters? I have reassigned my preferences in uTorrent to the new drive letters, and for any that I add going forward, it continues to work fabulously, but I am concerned about what was already on those drives. Has anyone bought a new system lately and run into this problem? If you were able to resolve it by changing the Drive Paths, please share...

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