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Not looking for a flame, jsut a little heads up.


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I generally do fine in downloading torrents; but having troubles with a rare one. I would just like a little explanation.

this is what I am showing for the torrent;

seeds 3(5) peers 0(2) download speed 0.5kb/s

So I am obviously dl'ing from only three peeps. I guess my question is; If someone is seeding this file, why would it be at such a slow rate, really, why bother at all?

If someone could school me on this i would appriciate it. I just want to understand.

BTW port is open

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Bad settings? Hostile ISP? (at either end)... And uTorrent is among the better clients. BitComet is apparently useless for seeding, Azureus has most of the same features uTorrent has, but additional functionality is added through its popular plugin API.

Something to keep in mind... where are your seeds from? Most people are aware of their limits .. on download and upload and are even MORE wary when they are on a quota system (AUS, and now most of CA as well).

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Here is a bit of a screen shot. I am using Utorrent 1.8.1

I kinda blotted out the ip addresses.


Also thelittlefire, one thing that I will do occasionally is look on the 'trackers' tab and if I see one that is not working (there is always one) I delete that tracker. should I continue this habit or is it of no consequence?

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