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moving a torrent from one category to another (?)


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2 hours later:

No answer....

The problem is, I reinstalled my windows but before that I copy utorrent folder in application data. After installing windows, my drive letters changed (because of hardware change also) and when I restore the backed version.

I decided to use BEncode and replace old drive letters with new ones. After that change, near all torrents were in "downloading" category. I then right click on them and select "start". some of them that were actually exist, quickly checked and auto moved to "downloaded" category.

The problem is with ones that were downloaded before and I delete source files (for example 6 month before). They are marked "red cross" and by right clicking and selecting "start", they don't auto move to "dowloaded" category.

How can I move them manually to that section??


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"force re-check" is available only when the torrent is stopped. So After clicking it, the check progress begins from 0% to 100% but the problem is, the torrent is still remains in "downloading" section.

I noticed in BEncode, a variable is there called "downloaded". If I change its value, should the torrent go to "downloaded" section?

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You are using µtorrent in a way that it shouldn't be used. When a torrent is completed you should remove it from µtorrent first and then move/delete/change the files in question.

Deleting, moving or changing files while the torrent is still listed in µtorrent is not recommended. In the very least not supported by µtorrent (devs/forums/etc) and in general it could cause reversal of changes, partial or total re-download or torrent errors (for example: missing files).

Editing the resume.dat file using a beencode editor could make things even worse. And with certain options enabled the torrents could be needlessly bothering the trackers. I strongly advice to simply remove those torrents from the list as they serve no purpose only trouble.

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