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Strange upload problem


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Wasn't sure whether to put this in troubleshooting or here, but anyway... Couldn't find this problem anywhere else.

I've got a pretty odd problem where my upload speed will fall from its max speed (100kb/s) down to 0 over the course of about 5 minutes or so. Closing uTorrent and re-opening it straight away gets the speed back up to max, but it does the same thing and eventually falls to nothing.

Been using the same settings, isp, site etc for years and have never seen this (plenty of peers still etc). Any ideas?

edit - download speeds have still been constant and at top speed.

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Your ISP may have turned hostile.

But even if that's the case, your settings may still be partly to blame.

How fast is your connection both down and up? (as measured using online tests)

What settings are you using? ...as shown by uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window.

Is net.max_halfopen set at 8 or less?

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Who told you to use those settings! For efficient upload LOWER numbers is better.

As it stands unless you KNOW you can sustain at least 90 KiBps upload to a filesharing site through HTTP you're overloading your line by at least 25%. Use Switeck's numbers for 800 Kibit or lower. Or use the Speed Guide for xx/768 to start out.

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(UPLOAD MAXIMUM)║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.

800 kbit/sec ║ 75│ 5║ 50│ 160║ 6│ 4

Changed to that as per the suggested settings thread.

That seemed to have stopped uploads going down to zero, but it still isn't as quick as it should be I think, it seems to still come down to about 20kb/s, where seed/leech is pretty close to 1:1 on a private tracker, I suppose that's to be expected on occasion.

It definitely seemed to have helped to some extent though so thanks for the advice.

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