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my port seems to be close


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hi everybody!

i apologize in advance for my english.

I need some help to open my port.

I have a router Linksys WRT54GX, i'm using windows firewall (Win XP SP2).

I tried every random port thar utorrent suggested and the test always says: XXX port does not seem to be open.

I've tried to connect without the router, directly pc to the modem which is a Pirelli, but it didn't work either so i assumed i had a problem with my firewall.

I added utorrent to the list a allowed programs (it was already there, i deleted and added again) and afterwards i also added a port (i tried 6666, because someone told me it was a port that tends to be free/open).

still my icon goes from yellow to red and my download speed does not go higher than 2 kb/seg!!!!!

thanks a lot!!!


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my router ip address is 168.123.x.x. i don't find the other data you are asking for.

i'm the only one connected to the router, but i tried to connect without the router, this means, the pc directly to the adsl modem and the port continues to be closed.

i also tried to connect with my firewall disabled, and the port was still closed and the icon still yellow-red. so... i can't get what is blocking the ports

i will check the link you gave me, thanks.

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