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Need Help Please.


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Hi Guys firstly let me say what a nice site you have here, now the doomy bit.

Normally when I try to download a torrent file, I get a pop up box with the words Open Save or Cancel. I just click Open and it goes straight to uTorrent and starts to download no problem.

Now the same box appears and I get These words instead Find Save or Cancel.

So a trip to uTorrents Faq's,

I have read through the faq's and the nearest I can get to my problem is :-µTorrent won't open torrent files even though I associated torrents with it.

Make sure the "Associate with .torrent files" button is greyed out in the General section of the options. If it is and Firefox gives you errors like "Invalid menu handle" when opening the .torrent or opens another client, click (within Firefox) Tools -> Options -> Content -> Manage, remove TORRENT from the list and hit OK. If it is Explorer or other programs giving the error, you may need to right click a .torrent file, Open With -> Browse, look for µTorrent and check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." If all else fails, click (within Explorer) Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, and remove TORRENT from the list. Then try to use the "Associate with .torrent files" button again.

When I click on the tools button at the top of explorer, I don't see the Folder Options -> File types, Etc:-

I am using vista, i have never had any problems in the past using uTorrent.

Thankyou very much for your help, in advance.

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