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Upload Rate Is 0.0kB/s


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Hi, Im new to Utorrent and would greatly appreciate your help.

My Utorrent is doing some strange problem where its upload rate is 0.0kB/s

It did not use to do this.

Im wondering if its a problem or if its because I am currently on wireless, I used to use wired.

The Download rate is still good though, its about 38kB/s which is really fast, seeing as it used to not go above 3kB/s.

and i am getting a percentage, like im at 5% and rising slowly but steadly.

my Utorrent would also not download it at all, and i think its because, well, when i click on torrents, it has a share bar. It wont download torrents with an empty one, well, it may take longer, im not sure.

I hope for a speedy responce.

Bien Sur!

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