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Best strategy when there are many torrents...


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Hi All,

I have downloaded many files and keep them all active. Now I have about 400 torrents seeding or in queue.

Most of them have upload rating less then 2 and I still want them to share (to be fare with other people).

But it seems to me ridiculously long to download something from me especially rare torrents. It seems to me that most active torrents with many seeds and leachers take most of my traffic.

What do you do in this situation?

One more, recently I decided to create a new torrent. It took ages before first leacher downloaded it, even my traffic isn't bad (50kb). Would you recommend me to stop all other torrents seeding and just let this one to upload or there are other ways?

How calculate the number of active torrents?

I am sure that this is common situation and I'd like to know the best practice :)

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STOP don't pause. PAUSE keeps peer connections. To preserve bandwidth, STOP all unwanted torrents.

If you want to seed ALOT without regard for the possibility of people leeching your stuff without contributing, leave off initial-seeding (double-click or right click, properties). However many people as the first seed choose to leave it on so you upload the minimum possible to make OTHER seeders in the swarm... and after that they turn off initial seed mode to keep the bits sharing as fast as possible.

Are you connectable? If not, that could explain the lag time between you starting the torrent and the peer connecting to you.

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