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Utorrent will not seed!


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Hi I'm downloading torrents from private trackers and I noticed something disturbing. I have a steady download speed of 80+kbps but NO upload speed. True, I have tweaked the settings but I don't recall any settings that will actually STOP seeding.

To seed I have to complete the torrent then it will start to seed if I recall correctly.

Running utorrent 1.8.1


Update: After 10 minutes it begins seeding at 0.1kbps, then go to 3kbps, then now back to 0.1kbps. The most is 4kbps. :(

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No mention of the number of peers/seeds on the torrent/s.

No mention of availability on each torrent.

No mention of what ISP this is on.

No mention of what settings are being used in uTorrent.

...NO way to solve this problem without more information. :(

1st and 2nd links in my signature for details.

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