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DL/UL number of connections limit


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Please, make it possible to set number of connections limit separatly for download and upload!

For example, if I set Global maximum number of connections to 130 (and Maximum number of connected peers per torrent, Number of upload slots per torrent 130 too) I gets connected to about 80 seeds and only 6 peers (500 available) so my upload is very little (and tracker ratio is small).

Another issue - upload drops after lowering download limit!


Make a way to upload torrent which is not downloaded fully.

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Each connection facilitates both upload and download. It makes no sense to try and distinguish between the two.

Download rate limiting is known to cause upload rate issues because of the way the download rate limiter has to work. µTorrent can't control how quickly peers send data to it. µTorrent can only control how quickly it sends data to peers. As such, if a peer is sending data quickly, µTorrent will have to accept it, and your download bandwidth will still be used as quickly as the peer is sending, no matter how quickly µTorrent itself reads the data. In order to actually limit the download rate, µTorrent needs to change the way it performs choking in order to cause other peers to be less likely to send data to it (and hence, lower the download rate).

Uploading an incomplete torrent is already possible.


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