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uTorrent crashes my internet connection


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while i'm at school, i have no hope of avoiding the nat error because i don't have control over the router, however, when i came home this winter, i decided i would try to configure my router there for port forwarding 6881. while i was working on it last night, it seemed that for a while it was working, but the speeds were still rather slow, so i tried tweaking the settings. consequently, the next time i opened uTorrent, none of my torrents would pick up any trackers and my internet connection would otherwise go dead (ie i was signed off aim, i couldn't browse the web). when i closed uTorrent and waited a couple minutes, i found out that my router (a westell 372w) would somehow reset itself and turn back on with a working connection.

to see if i had actually screwed up my connection in any permanent way, i downloaded azereus (a sin, i know), but while apparently still haven't configured port forwarding correctly, it still allowed me to download with an nat error without killing my internet connection.

all i believe i did to try to configure port forwarding was setting my internal ip address to be static (per the advice of portforward.com) and then setting up 2 "services" on my router that would forward on port 6881 for both TCP and UDP. i am on wireless, but i don't think that should really make any difference.

i'd really rather not use azereus so any insight into what's going crazy with uTorrent would be extrememly appreciated. and if you have any idea why my port forwarding is still not working, that would be nice, but definitely a secondary concern at the moment. thanks!

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I have the same problem with the same router (westell 372w)! uTorrent 1.3 & 1.4 do crash my connection every hour or so and I do have port forwarding on. I had the same problem however with Azureus

I am almost sure this is a router problem. I tweaked the uTorrent setting and increased the half open connections number, maybe that affects the router somehow and overwhelms it. I also have the TCP fix in WinXP SP2 and have my max outbound TCP connections set to 250.

What happens is a complete router crash: all internet connections are lost, then the router restarts itself, and like I said, this happens every 45 to 120 minutes. The router also seems to hate it when uTorrent and emule are running concurrently as it seems to make matters worse.

If anyone has a solution any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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