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Speed Problem with DI-524


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I'm currently residing in Malaysia. If anyone has the same problem in Malaysia, do let me know.

I'm using DI-524 and made the correct portforward.

My current internet connections are 1mbps/384kbps if i'm not mistaken. My settings are like below:

Maximum Upload Rate: 25

Maximum download rate: 0

Global Maximum number of connections: 999

Maximum number of connected peers per tor: 999

Number of upload slots per torrent: 9

Basic BitTorrent Feature:

Enable DHT Network blah blah blah...ALL UNCHECK

Advace are all default.

My problem is:

1) I couldn't get anything more than 20KBps

2) My speed are so inconsistent, upload keep going up and down, so as downloads. Download has never gone above the upload.

Any way to solve this?

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I have the same problem as you have.

I to have a D-link 524. And experience bad speeds from my connections (10mbps/1mbps). but i am located in sweden.

It seams i cant gett speeds over 30kb/s from singel peers even tho the are abel to give more speed. Its like somthing is blocking the speed or somthing. i tride with out the router and the problem is still the same.

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