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Not sure how to troubleshoot. Utorrent consumes entire connection


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Not sure how to trouble shoot,

But when using utorrent i cant browse the internet neither with internet explore or firefox.

Cant check mails, or well nothing online. except if i want to wait real loong.

i got a 8mbit download and 2mbit upload but it feels more like 56k.

The secound i close utor browsers and mail starts working again, at a normal speed.

that is why i changed to az, but really i prefer utor

so it would be great if anyone had similar trouble and know

what could be wrong.

Ports are open, and got green check for incomeing.

Doubt os is the problem, have same problem on all my comps.

both Xp, Xp-pro and Vista ultimate.

Utor may be downloading at 50kbs

and only reciving from 1 tracker

and it slows entire connection. :D

Any help would be grately apriciated.

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