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Odd .torrent file open problem


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Recently I downloaded an .torrent file with this name structure:

Artist Name - Three Word Title - 2002 (CD - MP3 - V0 (VBR)).torrent

I removed the actual name of artist and album but left spacing etc. precisely as it was named by the uploader to the tracker. There were no oddball characters like " &" etc.

The full path to this torrent on my computer is:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Stuff\Torrent\*.*

However the folder that uTorrent created was simply named \V0

What's up with that? Is this a tracker bug, a uTorrent bug or something in the structure of the file name itself?

I went back to the tracker and downloaded the torrent as SAVE AS and the file name was completely there. I have my downloading set up with Firefox so that clicking a .torrent link automatically opens uTorrent if it is closed or brings up the add files dialog window if it is already running.

Baffled since I was able to repeat this twice after the first time.

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