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Transfer downloaded file for seeding between OS


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Hi. I have two OS in my laptop, Vista and WinXP SP2. Installed in Vista is utorrent ver 1.7.7 while I have the newer utorrent ver 1.8 in my WinXP. Regularly I switch between OS to perform updates on installed utilities i.e. anti-virus and anti-spyware. In between switches, I downloaded several torrent files in the process. Lately, I have noticed that whenever I'm in Vista and I open utorrent, my internet connection crawls to a turtle pace, but if I'm using WinXP my internet connection doesn't change even if utorrent is running in the background. I'm planning of using WinXP for future torrent downloads and uploads, now my dilemma is; How do I transfer torrent files currently seeding in Vista to continue seeding them in my other OS which is WinXP, without compromising the size already uploaded? Thank you for taking time to read this post. Many Thanks if you care to share your ideas to a newbie like me.

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