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RSS Feeds Not Automatically Updating


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I've been playing with RSS lately and been enjoying it except for one problem.

I'm using the TVRSS feed for EZTV torrents. Everytime a new show is available, I have to right click the TVRSS feed, and click "Update Feed" to get the new show listed there. As soon as it lists and is there 15 minutes, everything else works perfect. But it does not automatically update the feed. It worked about the first day I set everything up, but hasn't worked since then. No firewall changes or anything else I can think of.

What am I missing? And please, TFL, go easy on me. :) I've been searching and reading for the last hour and only found one topic that was almost related, but not quite.




Since I can't post a seperate update, here goes on Thursday afternoon.

Dangit, lost my other post.

ANyways, so apparently I was wrong in my previous post. It does auto update. I manually refreshed the feed last night and everything from there went well. My show was downloading when I went to bed. This morning, I found my show was complete, but the 720p version was now downloading. So it's updating itself, but not on a schedule I like. :)

I've got the option RSS.update_interval set to 15. This is what sets the update for the feed, correct? Now let's say I've updated the feed at 9:00pm, a show I want is posted at 9:01pm. The auto update should refresh at 9:15pm, thereby picking up the show, right? Or am I just being way too impatient?

Thanks for the help.


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