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limiting number of peers per individual torrent??


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Is there any way to limit the number of connections utorrent will allow for each individual torrent? I'm not talking about the per torrent peers vs total connections settings in preferences - is there a way to have one torrent use the default setting for # of peers (say, 35) but have another one be limited to 8 and another one be limited to 12, etc. etc?

I've searched far and wide for this issue and I haven't found any way yet, and if it doesnt exist I think it would be a very useful feature. I'm hoping it does... in my case, I would use it to limit the number of peers on a torrent from a private tracker, since less peers are needed to get high speeds. This would free up peer "slots" for torrents from public trackers, which need a lot more in order to get high speeds. Using my number of connections efficiently is very important to me since I'm on a college network, and if I have too many peers connected they cut me off and I have to go talk to them/bribe them which is worse and worse each time it happens.

I've even tried limiting the DL speed of an individual torrent or lowering the bandwidth allocation (using the right click menu) to see if that would "force" uTorrent to drop peers - but it doesn't! Utorrent insists on maintaining a # of connected peers that is slightly less than the per-torrent-peers value in Bandwidth Preferences, no matter how fast or slow I tell it to download... why is that? It seems like this feature would be fairly simple to employ - utorrent can already limit the number of peers per torrent on a global basis, so it certainly should be able to do it on an individual basis. Is there a feature for this? A way around it? Am i missing something ridiculously obvious? Has this question been asked a hundred times before and I failed to find it?


stats: uTorrent version: 1.8.1 (12639). Vista (argh!). 100Mbit line.

PS if this is posted in the wrong category i apologize. i didnt think it was troubling enough to belong in troubleshooting.

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