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uTorrent 1.8.1 constantly crashing on Vista


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Hi I'm a newbie on this forum. My uTorrent 1.8.1 always crashes at some point. The really annoying thing is that when it stops responding, I can't close it in the Applications tab of Task Manager. It stays there unless I attempt to end the task in the Processes tab of Task Manager or shut down the computer. Strange thing is, even though it disappears from my task bar when I try to end it, it's still running as a process in Task Manager. When I click on the uTorrent shortcut, another instance of uTorrent runs as another process, albeit using less memory. When the second process freezes, I open another instance of uTorrent, and this goes on and on until I turn off my computer or just give up.

I use ESET Smart Security for my anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall. I've heard NOD32 poses a problem for uTorrent, but so far there has been no alerts from Smart Security about it.

I use ZoneAlarm Firewall, but uTorrent still crashes when I don't activate it.

I use Windows Defender.

I use Nvidia's nForce 630.

My Vista is Service Pack 1.

I think others should know that I had the same problem with BitTorrent. That's why I switched to uTorrent, but I guess they both crash on my computer.

Can anyone identify the reason why my uTorrent crashes or at least narrow the possibilities down?

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Get Process Explorer from sysinternals.com, run it, Ctrl+D (to show the lower DLL pane), select the µTorrent process from the list, Ctrl+S (and save the list somewhere you'll find easily -- like the Desktop), then post the contents of the saved process list in the .txt file here.

Got crash dumps from µTorrent in the same directory as the µTorrent EXE file?

Edit: Um, why do you have ZA, ESET, and McAfee installed on your computer?

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Oh the DigitalPersona is my fingerprinting software. Apparently my HP laptop came with a fingerprint reader. I set it to check for updates every month.

BTW I can't find any crashdump files in my uTorrent folder. I assume this is because uTorrent did not acknowledge that it has crashed before.

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