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Looking for some help please.


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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to try and help with my troubles.

3 days ago (as far back as a few months) I was able to maintain 500 or better kb/sec speeds down. (Best my local isp offers is 6mb down.) I could play online games, browse the web, etc all while downloading torrents. This started happening when I got my new dlink gaming router. Before I had a crappy router and would have to turn off downloads during times me or my wife would be using the net/playing wow. Usually ended up leaving downloads going when we'd go to bed.

I ordered a new hard drive tried 2 different OS's but decided I'd use the one I was using originally (the one where I could achieve speeds above).

I would like to point out this is on a network with a 2 desktops to my left, my desktop in the middle, and a laptop to my right.

All of these computers could be running while having these speeds and browse the net, play wow 100% lag free.

Well now all of the sudden this is not the case. I can still hit those speeds, but my web browsing takes a hit and sometimes the other 3 computers on the network slow to a crawl and wow is very laggy.

I have never set up any kind or port forwarding or anything (before or after new hdd). The only thing I have ever done with my gaming router was set up a vent server and had to make some changes there.

I have no idea what could possibly have caused this. I am really hoping someone can help me with this issue. I have read some of the guides but I fear to make some changes it suggests because I know I never went in and made those changes before.

If anyone needs any additional information please ask.

Thanks again!

p.s. I don't think this is a speed question as much as it is a settings question. I am really not sure on that. If it needs to be moved please do so and I am sorry for the offense.

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