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"Run this program when the download finishes" for all torrents?


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Here's my problem. In a fit of infinite wisdom I had the idea of having uTorrent send me an email when it finished downloading. Not a big problem, found some command line email client that works. And since we have the "Run this program when the download finishes" option, it's a piece of cake. Except for the fact that I have to select the program for every torrent I download, which kind of defeats the purpose of automation.

Since we have this option already, would it be a big problem to add and option under "Advanced" that says "Open this program when download finishes for all torrents"?


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Thanks xtf, but I was searching for something with an build-in SMTP server.


damn I was trying to delete the dupe post and seems like it deletes both :(


damn x2

I delete both post, the 1st one with the question and now the second with the answer and it does the same :(

delete both post.

When I post once, it post twice :(


1c3d0g, seems like that fix the problem, thx!

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