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A question about RSS


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I have just figured out how to work the RSS feed and it works fine.

However one particular torrent didn't start downloading automaticlly and I had to go the feed list, right click and choose download.

Prior to that I thought it might be that the filter is set up wrong so I tried adding up * and ? whereever I deemed right and it still didn't work (or at least not immediatly).

So my questions:

A. What went wrong? could it be that the filter was fine and I just had to wait?

B. Now that I've "jump started it" would it keep downloding automaticly whenever a relevent file is available?



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All of my filters are set up on "match always".

In the "filter" line under "filter settings", I wrote down the name of the file I want, my understanding from my DOS days is that ? can replace any one charecter and that * can replace any string, so I just stuck those in between the words composing the expression like so:


and before that I tries


Thanks for your trouble

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sorry it took me a while to get what you mean by the "? button", (me no speak good english :P )

When I hit the ? button it says, last matched episode ### , matching releases none.

That's for the one I jump started, some others say last matched episode: N/A

So what does that mean?

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Apologies all around ;) don't worry.

As far as the "no matches", it means for whatever reason the filter does not work on the current feed contents. I'd recommend trying again this time from a specialty site for the content you want.. it sounds like http://tvrss.net fits that bill. Please check it out as well as their search-based RSS feeds to see if it's the filter or the feed which is the problem.

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