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Is the torrent complete.... or not ?


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Hello, or more than one occasion, I've downloaded

various multi-file torrents and have experienced the following anomaly:

The recent torrent contained 16 files, approx 350MB each.

When the torrent was 100% complete, it continued to seed for a day or two.

After a while, I stopped the torrent, then right-clicked and selected "force recheck".

After it was done, 2 of the files were only 99.96 complete. Sure enough, when I

restarted the torrent, those two downloaded some more and completed again.

why is this occurring?

TIA for any info.

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I thought my description was quite clear. I'll try again.

The particular torrent has 16 avi files, the torrent itself was 100% complete

and was happily seeding away.

I stopped the torrent, and forced the recheck. Now two of the avi files are

only 99.96 % complete.

They were formerly complete but now (at the moment of the recheck) they're not.

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