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Utorrent not working even though port is open & accepting connections


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i've Dynamic ip - unlimited connection.

Earlier i had Static ip & utorrent used to work normal.

I've the latest version of utorrent.

The download icon is showing red & not blue.

I've no firewalls or any other security.

QUeries -

1.Is it due to the dynamic ip?

2.I tested for port access and it is showin normal, nodes only 1,& it is not showing the green icon below denoting that 'all connections are normal and utorrent is working as it should'. (check screenshots below)

3.Do i've 2 change some settings as now i've dynamic ip and not static?

Pls help, cos i recently changed my plan for better speed on torrents and if this aint working, then i may as well cancel my plan.




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