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Unable to seed with built in tracker, looks fine but no transfering.


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I installed utorrent 1.8.1 on windows 2003 and enabled the tracker, and a XP client, I'm not using the webui so its listening on the default connection port, thats all fine. I don't get the http error 300 problem, DHT, and the announce report 'working'. Both the client and seeding server show 1 seed and 1 peer, which is correct as well. However it just sits there, no data transmitting.

The windows server is remotely hosted by me and the XP client is a local machine with me, and there is no ISP interference.

The net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip both have the correct information a swell.

Neither the client or server have issues with firewalls, port forwarding or any of the typical connection issues, but alas its not working. Also, I use many other trackers and both the client and server can send and receive to them all just fine, so its only a problem when trying to use the built in tracker.

Any thoughts?

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