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Regularly stops responding, requires forced end task


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uTorrent runs 24/7 and I regularly come back to the PC to find uTorrent with a completely white window area and windows claims the application has stopped responding. I've given it hours to come back to life. I end up using "End Task" and restart it. This will happen as many as 3 times a day.

System Summary: Intel Q6600, Windows Server 2008 x64, uTorrent 1.8.1 (build 12639)

Detailed System Information: http://www.nooblet.org/other/utorrent_forum/jedi_report.htm

HijackThis: http://www.nooblet.org/other/utorrent_forum/jedi_hijackthis.txt

Process Explorer: http://www.nooblet.org/other/utorrent_forum/jedi_processexplorer_uTorrent.exe.txt

Winsock Catalog: http://www.nooblet.org/other/utorrent_forum/jedi_winsock.txt

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware came up clean, although this machine isn't used as a desktop so has had limited exposure.

No crash dumps as uTorrent doesn't crash.

I have removed the uTorrent settings directory and am running on defaults other than bandwidth limitations and scheduler.

Is there a debug flag to have utorrent create a verbose log?

The system is stable other than my poor uTorrent. :( Any steps to help diagnose would be very helpful.

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We haven't done any testing whatsoever on 2008 Server, so it's not very surprising it doesn't work right on it...

Can you try doing netsh winsock reset to remove the vmware LSPs? It's pretty much the only thing I can think of, apart from simply being incompatible with 2008 (until we fix it).

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By the way, have you seen this post yet?

Yeah, I have added that to the shortcut. Although he added the Aero theme to his setup which I have left as the default no-theme.

Interestingly I have noticed something with todays crash. It uses up 2GB ram. Which isn't usual.


I have created the dump file, but unsurprisingly its 2GB. I can make this available to you if you really think it would help.

Can you try doing netsh winsock reset to remove the vmware LSPs?

I guess this would ruin VMWare in the process? I'll wait till I can organise some downtime before I kill the service.

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What does your Disk Cache pane in Preferences look like?

thelittlefire I think you hit the nail on the head there. I had disabled Windows Read Caching and forced a 2GB cache.


I reset it to defaults and has been fine for over 12 hours.

Thanks. User error. :/

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Yeah given the average footprint for just uT can be 8 MiB, ... 2040 is a bit high :)

You don't need to have it default, especially if you NEED the cache for disk performance, but... to tune that way, a large cache is good, I think the best guess is 15-1700 will still fit under (keep in mind there is also an overhead in RAM for each loaded torrent dependent upon the size of the swarm). And also, if you uncheck "reduce memory usage" the cache won't suddenly disappear to be rebuffered if your up/down decreases below 1 Mbit. Additionally the "write out" can be disabled, I don't see why the first is an option since in the event of a recheck the partial pieces are discarded anyway, but the second changes the write strategy to a 20 second interval, which may be nicer to your hard drives :D

And with a cache size above default you don't usually need to have "increase automatic cache" enabled. Glad you spent the time to verify the problem yourself, some people give up and/or need everything sent to them.

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