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1.4 Build 402 Bug (Shift Key inop when deselecting files to DL)


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Hello, did a search for this but came up empty...

When adding a batch (multi-file) torrent in 1.4, and there's a whole list of files that you DON'T want to download in the "bitcomet style" add torrent dialog, one can normally press the shift key & highlight all the files you don't want and then uncheck them all at the same time by just deselecting one. In 1.4 you can't do that... you can only highlight all the files but unchecking one does not uncheck them all. You still have to manually uncheck each & every file you don't want to download. Can you pls institute a working shift function? Makes it so much faster to select all the files that you don't want...

Thanks for your time!

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