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trouble downloading


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i been using utorrent for a couple years already, 1st time i have ever had a problem

when i download i get the red arrow and the message error: access is denied

then when i click the logger button i see [2008-11-08 02:03:18] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied.

windows firewall is off...

im running xp and using comodo firewall and there is an exception for utorrent. funny thing is, it uploads just fine.

i was using bitdefender firewall for a long time, then i went to comodo when bitdefender wouldn't let me stream to my ps3. ive been using comodo now for going on like a month, just started having problems yesterday.

tried downloading from a couple different trackers and i get the same message...

what gives? :(

i was just thinking doing a system restore to like a week ago.... i cant live like this, its madness i tell you :(

i haven't made any changes or installed any programs in a long time.

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why would i have any problems with those things just out of nowhere since i havent made any changes?

i dont have msn or google desktop

dont have winzip quickfind

dont have roxio

disabled nero scout--- no change

dont have avg7

and nope to the rest of the stuff too

problem is it started happening for no reason, i havent made any changes recently.

i downloaded a ton of stuff the other day when we had free leech on a private tracker. and im uploading just fine....

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