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I have a problem with my utorrent. If I turn it on, my browsing slows to a crawl, i have to wait more than a minute for even google.com to load.

Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I use the latest utorrent and the latest mozilla firefox on a decent PC with win xpsp2 both at home and at work. While the internet connection i have at home( i live in a university campus) isn't great, the one i have at work is pretty decent.

This even heappens if utorrent is using a very small bandwidth(under 100kb). Altough i never used to have these sort of problems before, and qos policies should prioritize traffic in such a way that i don't have grandchildren by the time google.com finishes loading, shouldn't it?

I've also noticed the same problem with the internet explorer(medieval version) that came with the operating system.

If you require any more details i will be happy to provide them.

Also this problem happens when i try to access(via firefox) a database on a sever on the lan(no name resolution, no routing, no nothing) as soon as i close utorrent and restart the bowser, things get back to normal.

I also have nod32 3.0.672.0 installed and i included an exception for utorrent in the http traffic tab.


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