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Single files wont max out connection with high seed ratio


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hoping somebody can help me out with this problem which has just started happening with all torrents i download.

Running single torrent files will not max out my connection even though they have a really high seed to leech ratio and i usually max out my connection on a single torrent from this source.

If i download multiple torrent files at once i can max my connection out.

I know for certain it is not an issue with not enough people sharing in the swarm as i have been using Utorrent for some time with no problems. I have recently changed my ISP so am wondering if this may be the problem ?


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Do some research on other ISPs in your area. Hopefully, they're not ALL bad! :(

There may be 30-day leave-without-penalties trials for ISPs where you're at. If you cite that much of the internet is crippled or blocked, they're almost legally forced to let you go without stupid fees attached.

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