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What are some ways to get a better upload to download ratio?


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I have d/l a few .avi files and my ratio is about 0.09%

Uploaded: 1.38 GB

Downloaded: 15.09 GB

Ratio: 0.09

on demonoid.com

I leave my machine on all the time, but not many seem interested in d/l the stuff I have gotten, perhaps the stuff I have been getting is old and there is not much intrest in it.

If I were to d/l something new and popular that many people seem to want, would that help my ratio?

I need to research my bandwith options too, mabey I can increase the bandwidth options for the folks that d/l from me?

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Yeah, the more rare something is, the less seeders there will be, and less people will be downloading it. So that means you'll have to seed it longer. This is one reason why I have a dedicated hard drive for file sharing. Consider it a "catch" to the whole getting-things-for-free.

One reason why public sites are nice is because, if a torrent dies, someone can request it and chances are it will be uploaded again. In such cases where I have to abandon an inactive torrent, I'll usually burn similar content to a disk in case it's needed later. Disks are cheap, $0.25 per 4.4GB. Organizing the disks can be a pain though.

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2nd link in my signature can match your upload speed to conservative settings in uTorrent that are slightly more suited to uploading fast than uTorrent's Speed Guide CTRL+G settings.

But if you're ONLY seeding, you can set max connections per torrent at only 5-10, as any more will just sit idle 90+% of the time.

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