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Download speed Half the Upload speed ??


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Hey guys,

First post here :)

I have always noticed that my download speed in uTorrent is half the speed of the upload one.

Sometimes its not half, but 200kb difference. If I try to cap the upload speed, it decreases, but the seizes the download speed with it ...

So for example, my upload is 500kb/s .. and download at 250kb/s or sometimes 300-350 ..

I reduce the Upload speed to 200, in one minute, the download speed reaches, 200 .. In 2 minutes, the download falls to 100kb/s ... If I increase the upload speed, the download speed increases after a minute .. Whats the problem ??!?!!?

Atm its downloading at 600kb/s and uploading at 850kb/s .. I want them to be reversed :(

Please help me,

Best Regards,


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Most people upload to others at ~1-5 KB/sec each.

So if you're managing to download even at 100 KB/sec, it's probably because you're downloading from 20+ people at once...and they won't upload much faster to you no matter what you put your settings to.

...But if you lower your upload speed very much, they'll find someone ELSE to upload to.

What's your upload slots per torrent set to?

And how many torrents do you have seeding+downloading?

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How can everyone have a download speed faster than their upload speed?

The faster/fastest uploaders almost never have a download speed faster than their upload speed -- there's simply no one fast enough nor enough people fast enough to return the favor!

Sounds like your upload max is around 8-10 megabits/second. That's 10 times faster than most broadband connection's uploads -- faster than many download max!

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Well yeah, for uploaders their download speed is much lower than their upload speed, but im not an uploader, I upload a small amount compared to my download. So if most everyone does the same thing, this is the reason why I get a slower DL than the UL ??

Why do they keep telling people to reduce their upload speed to 75kb/s or less -.-''

[edit] My DL max from my ISP is 10mb/s .. but never reaches an actual download that fast. Tests show 8 to 9 mb/s .. and uplaod 6-9mb/s as well ..

My normal download rate for a file is 1mb/s ..

Awaiting reply,

Kind Regards,


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Don't confuse bandwidth speeds which are in kilobits/second and megabits/second

...for file transfer speeds (and uTorrent down/up Speeds) which are in KiloBYTES/second and MegaBYTES/second.

Downloading at 1 MegaBYTE/second takes roughly 8.5-10 megabits/second download bandwidth...and probably 100 kilobits/second upload bandwidth as well!

Many people set their BitTorrent program to upload at 1 KiloBYTE/second TOTAL...then run multiple torrents at once. They suck. Even if they were to set uTorrent correctly, they may only have 256-768 kilobits/second total upload bandwidth...which works out to be about 20-80 KiloBYTES/second usable upload speed in uTorrent.

uTorrent will TRY to find peers and seeds that upload faster than 1 KiloBYTE/second ...but if they're not available on a small torrent, then you might just want to try another torrent as well. :P

So is uTorrent saying that your upload speed is >500 KiloBYTES/second at times?

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Omg how can I forget that the speed tests give in BITS and not BYTES *slaps head*

But yeah, my download in BYTES is less than upload in BYTES.

My recent download was at 700kb/s .. I believe it is BYTES, and 900kb/s .. in BYTES, because after the download finished I saw that I uploaded more than 5 gigabytes xD

SO this means im the most generous uploader by mistake or what ? xD

Is there a way to work around it "?? or will I just let it be ?

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If 1000 KiloBYTES/second is your max, try setting upload speed max in uTorrent to only 900 KiloBYTES/second. Otherwise, you may (slightly) overload your upload side occasionally.

In the 2nd link in my signature, the 10 mbit/sec upload settings are the closest to your line...but a little too fast. So you'd probably be better off using lower settings (1, 2, or 5 mbit/sec ones) but putting upload speed to 900 KiloBYTES/second.

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If you can upload REALLY fast (and it seems you can), there's simply not enough other people who can return the favor...so you will usually end up with your download speed lower than your upload speed.

Now if you try the OpenOffice test torrents (1st link in my signature), then your download speed on them will likely be a LOT faster than your upload. Reason why: They're being seeded by some of the fastest internet connections in existence.

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On OpenOffice, there's no need to upload since others already do.

Many other settings in uTorrent have a marginal (but often NEGATIVE) effect on download and upload speeds. That's why I came up with the speed settings chart (2nd link in my signature).

Matching uTorrent settings with upload speed is important. The best simple example of that is dial-up -- it can't download very fast, so allowing lots of connections at once actually wastes what little bandwidth it has reducing its download/upload speeds further.

At high upload speeds like you have, getting a reasonable number of upload slots going is helpful...because most peers are very reluctant to upload to peers that give them nothing back at that moment. Total upload slots should just never be greater in number than about 1/5th your total upload speed in KiloBYTES/second.

So at 500 KiloBYTES/second upload speed, that would mean 100 total upload slots AT MOST.

Those 100 could be split 10 upload slots per torrent and 10 different torrents

...or 5 upload slots per torrent and 20 total torrents.

But if you're only running 3 torrents at once, you might want to try setting upload slots REALLY high like 30-35...and seeing in the PEERS window if you're actually uploading to that many at once. Once you are, about 1-100 seconds later many will likely upload back to you.

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Thanks for the insight. Everything is much clear now .. Thanks alot !!!!!

Btw I tweaked my settings from your 2nd link yesterday anyway ;)

Excellent guide !

I get it, my current "number of slots per torrent"= 25 ..

Shall I increase it to 100 ??

I run 1 torrent at once most of the time though.

Btw I would like to thank you alot for your fast replies and activity !!!!

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Try 50 upload slots and watch how peers react to that.

100 is probably too many -- you'll be uploading to LOTS of peers that NEVER return the favor. :(

Please report back what settings seem to work best.

...And do note that by the sound of it your torrent/s are seriously lacking fast-uploading peers. :(

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Yeah some torrents have slow peers .. or selfish peers as well :(

And I agree that some people never return the favor of uploading it back

I am not downloading any torrent atm, so I cannot edit the settings ..

Hmm shall I reply back here ?? -> When I download a torrent later on ??

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