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Green "ok" icon appears, then goes to yellow; Speed is fast, then slow


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I've messed and messed around with every possible setting, at this point I have uPnp settings and "the usual" uTorrent settings. Whenever I change something, even like ticking off "Allow incoming legacy", I get the green OK icon for about 30 seconds. My d/l speeds are around 60kbs. Then, the yellow caution icon appears and my speed drops to about 14kbs.

I used to have uTorrent running last spring and had it uninstalled for the summer. When I was using it before, I had no problems; router settings were set for manual port forwarding. Now for some reason I completely forget what settings I used to have, so thus the uPnp. Anyway, I never had this problem before. Even as I typed this, my speed went to 14kbs to 50kbs, back and forth.

So anyway, what gives with the temporary green light?! I am SO not getting it. Thanks for even reading this.

The Dude Abides.

Post Script:

After I wrote this I re-adjusted my speed settings, which changed my upload/download slots. Amazingly my d/l speed SKYROCKETED to 84 kbs. And its steady. However, I'm hardly uploading to 2 peers out of 26. Can anyone sort of explain this? Still have the yellow icon.

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