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Unpredictable download speeds - Utorrent


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Unpredictable download speeds through utorrent - Is this normal?

Sometimes it will work like a dream and Ill get 700 KB/s from the start and all the way through. Other times it starts off slow and might gradually build to a high speed along the way. Other times It just sticks with a mediocre speed like 100 KB/s all the way through, and at its worst about 40/50 KB/s.

I use the same private tracker for my downloads and the files are always well seeded. The rare times that I use a public tracker, I have seen speeds as small as 15 KB/s and lower.

The conclusion is that I can never predict the speed - which I should be able to do, judging by my settings and the seeds and leechers ratio on a file.

Is there anything I should do or change, or is this just the way p2p works?


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Yep - I'm on crappy AOHELL, which I plan on changing when the contract is up.

So its AOL affecting the speeds then? Even midway through a download?

My upload limit is set to unlimited. It never ever goes above 30 K/B's (which is a rarity anyways) so I've just left it alone.

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