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Commercial Torrent file causes 1.8.1 problems


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My uTorrent installation has always worked perfectly (and still does).

I have XP Pro 64 on a Quad core intel, 4gb RAM.

I was attempting to download Vue 6 from here http://www.e-onsoftware.com/try/vue_6_ple/ after registering for the software they send a mail pointing to this torrent file : http://ple.e-onsoftware.com/Vue6PLEWin.zip.torrent

When I attempt to download this torrent the follwoing occurs. (No other torrents are uploading or downloading)

The torrent shows 1 seeder and about 3 or 4 leeches and gives a dl rate of about 30 -40 KB/s

However the status bar climbs right up to maximum bw - 950KB/s despite my dl bandwidth being set to a 250 KB/s limit.

If I stop the torrent - the DL speed stays maxed out. Checking the network in Task manager I can confirm that it is actually still downloading something at full speed.

I let it continue to do this for a while and after a short time uTorrent gave the error "Could not allocate memory for 3.9gb"

If I close uTorrent (before encountering the previous error) and then check the task manager, the uTorrent client is still in memory and memory usage is rapidly climbing.

I have confirmed that for all other torrents I have, there is no problem.

Is this a maliciously crafted torrent trying to exploit some flaw or not?

If it is malicious I will obviously contact e-on Software.



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