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BitComet Gets Bad Name - Why Not Others?


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Okay I can understand why bitcomet has got a bad name, the DHT thing.

However I see people bashing it because of reasons uncontrolable by the author.

Hacked this and Hacked that, FAKE ID's etc. this is all things that the autor can't controll and bitcomet nor it's GOOD users should be penilized for it.

as far as I'm concerned Azureus should be the one that has been banned FAR before bitcomet for it has MANY hacks and slashes that override a BUNCH of private tracker info etc.

Azureus is one of the easiest things to hack and believe me people have been hacking it to the bone to leech thier little hearts out.

So before we all start banning people for JUST bitcomet, start looking in other clients dirty corner.

Alot of people will say "I use Azueus because it's fast" or "I like Azureus because it has low cpu and memory usage" which is a load of shit, I've tried it and it's a hog, but not all of them use it because of these reasons.

Is a private tracker really being abused by someone connecting to the DHT servers to get more peers?

Or is it getting abused worse by people using FAKE UPLOAD, and DON'T REPORT DOWLOAD hacks?

Point said and made.

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here is a few examples why BitComet is still banned on some trackers =

OK, most of you are wondering if the BitComet ban will be lifted here, and the answer is no, and it will most likely never be unbanned here.

Most of you think BitComet is "faster" than other clients, but what u don't know is the reason why.

The reason why is because of its countless "cheating like" characteristics, for example:

# it hamers the tracker, and pays no attention to the tracker when it tells the client how long to wait before re-announce.

# when it gets snubed by another peer (basically meaning the peer refuses to give the BC client any upload because it has not been given any download from the BC client, the BC client then disconnects up to 10+ times per second to that client in an attempt to get unsnubed.

# It has no (working) upload slot limit, so it makes the upload bandwith so streached out that each peer only gets a few 100 bytes per second or less.

# The new encrypt header feature in BC 0.60 gave it a very unfair advantage and would basically prefer itself over uploading to other tpyes of clients. (afaik, uTorrent is working on a similar feature, but will be making it public information, so that all other clients can implement it if their authours wish to; this is the only real way for this to be effective)

# If you request too many pieces from it (something around 100? or so), it drops ALL your requests.

# It also abuses super-seeding by disconnecting and reconnecting to get a slot, and basically monopolize the super-seeder's bandwidth.

# It has an abusive multi-tracker implementation (announces to all trackers in all tier always).

# It also does stupid things when making torrents (such as not use UTF-8 as the encoding for chinese, japanese, and korean users that make torrents)

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Boo, keep that list handy. :P We're gonna need it many times, 'cause it seems no matter how many times it's posted, people keep bringing up these stupid threads. :/

Postality: give it up, mkay? :| This issue has been beaten to death already, ten times over. You can argue 'till the cows come home, but the bottom line is this: BitVomit cheats on purpose, the author is aware of the issues and has had plenty of time to fix his client's shortcomings. None of these issues have been addressed so far. You can make your own conclusions... :/

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I don't blame any client author for hacks of the client. I agree, it's not their fault, but as you've seen that's not why people bash BC.

"I like Azureus because it has low cpu and memory usage"


Oh, and I've copied that list to my Opera notes, it has come in handy more than once. :D

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