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Still Having UTorrent Setup Probs


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I am now trying Utorrent again and using Port 55555. I had to get back into my Billion 7401 VGP-M and adjust these settings below after forwarding the port via the Port Forward website.



General Settings



press apply

Choose packet filter

Choose add TCP/UDP filter

In rule name type uTorrent

Leave all the IPs as as that means anything

Source port 0-65535

Destination Port 55555 – 55555

Inbound allow

outbound allow

Apply, Save.

Then I could "Pass" the Port Forward test in Utorrent.

I have just had another look in my router settings and found that I could enable Logging of Events. I enabled Event Logging and tried to connect again with uTorrent and got this message:

Nov 12 08:58:43 home.gateway:firewall:info: 149492.156 Blocked Prot=6,***** >, S Seq=29300950, Ack=0 -Default Defense

What other settings do I need to adjust? (the ***** is where I substituted * for an address digit)

Is something to do with uTorrent?

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