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DHT Log In


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Hi there, I'm not exactly sure what I need to do. I tried to solve the problem by reading about the port forwarding on the site provided by this forum, and basically reading everything I could to solve it. The portforwarding instructions did not work. So, I am wondering if this is a problem beyond port forwarding or anything related to ports.

I have a new computer, so that could be a factor because on my laptop, it was fine, I can torrent. But not on the new computer. So, I'm not sure why this is the case. Not to mention that it's vista as well. I tried both this program and Vuze, and both said 'need to log in'. When I tried logging in, it said that an error has occurred while attempting to log into a remote access (that's on Vuze as there's no way to log in on uTorrent (to my knowledge at least).

Could this really be the problem of ports? After all, my laptop has no problem torrenting. I thank for your help in advance.


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