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What is a good download speed?


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Just curious what a good dl speed is. And a question . My Check is green but when i run port checker it says port not open. Is this slowing my dl speeds? Also what is a good port to forward for good speeds or does it matter? On port 45682-45689 now. Also I am going through two routers i forwarded the ports on both. My check stays green. Should i disable the routers firewalls completely? My settings are to the tee for my connection.(35 up) whats a good max down 468/ that would be 70 percent of max dl speed.

Last Result:

Download Speed: 5351 kbps (668.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 424 kbps (53 KB/sec transfer rate)

I have disabled dht etc. and none have really made a difference.

Also should i have installed the IPv6 teredo and just what does it do?

is IPv6 uninstallable if need be?

With 6 outta 18 connected 286 in swarm ,peers=21 of 372(963 in swarm) avg dl is 11.6. Is that good bad? new to this just trying to get a good idea of what sppeds are average for everyone else. Thanks in advance. lol check is now yellow . Why would it go back and forth from green to yellow etc. thx

Also Why would you get so many disconnections

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Your speeds are close to mine. Anyway, you only forward your listening port, IPv6 might be making the check green. For the routers the best thing (if you only connect computers to one of them) would be to activate bridge mode on one of the routers. When you forward you need to be careful with the addresses of multiple routers, by default they have a LAN one and WAN one. IPv6 is uninstallable, but not necessary usually. If network status goes to yellow that means there are no incoming connections. What speeds are advertised by your ISP?

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