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endgame no fun at all


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the last part of my download is taking forever. Uploads are fast and frequent but utorrent takes ages to find these last few pieces, and worse still when they eventually begin transferring they are ridiculessly slow.

Is this a problem inherent in the bittorrent protocol? With an average availability of about three, there should be at least three peers with the pieces I need, probably more. Why can't I connect to them? Are they busy duplicating rarer pieces?

When there were only half a dozen 1meg pieces left i thought I'd wait about ten minutes or so for it to finish and burn it off onto cd. That was six hours ago! Now the very last piece wants to take another six hours, one block at a time, stopping(disconnecting) inbetween each block(64Kb).

Is this typical bittorrent behaviour? How healthy does a torrent need to be in terms of availability to avoid this scenario where the last 3% of the downlaod takes longer than the first 25%?

thanks if you can help!

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When there are only 3 peers with the final pieces of a torrent, you have to realize that EVERYONE is demanding those pieces from those three peers. Once you get to that final percentage, the entire swarm is limited by the speed of the peers with the rarest pieces.

Request blocks are 16k, not 64k.

There are no hard-set rules to define what availability requirements there are to have the last percentage go as fast as the first, because of the sheer number of factors to consider for overall swarm speed.

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