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Dare I say the word "Font"


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Although I am not new to torrents I am a uT newbie and certainly not new to technology. My first computer was home made using wire wrap connections. Yep... time marches on. I have searched for and read every post I can find with the word Font in it and I don't understand some of the reasoning or the reaction in many if not most of the posts requesting font size control. While I really like the uT client for it's size and purpose built design I dislike the fonts because my eyes are not up to the task and I hate wearing reading glasses for computer use. Instead I simply increase the font size. The standard response to this deficiency is usually "increase dpi". Well... running xp pro sp3 on a quad core PC using uT 1.8.1 I can confirm that changing the dpi affects the entire suite of apps on my system _except_ uTorrent. In fact, in my case changing the dpi caused uT to completely lock up and end up "Not Responding". I could not kill it in the process manager as it locked up also. Nasty behaviour requiring a power down to escape.

Anyway, 19 years in the software business has taught me that "nice to have" features are always way down on the list and usually for good reasons as Ultima and littlefire have stated repeatedly in many threads but given the number of times users have asked for font control that works and the seemingly fragile workaround that is there now in my view it should be considered as a reasonable new feature request. I don't want 120 dpi fonts throughout my whole system in any case. Part of a great app is that it should play nice with everyone else imo.

One of the best threads on this topic was


I do wish SlainGod had asked a little nicer ;-) His pictorial examples and font behaviour explanation was quite good if a little aggressive. But the reaction to his and other's vivid examples of what does not work were not exactly well received. So instead of starting yet another go nowhere feature request under that topic maybe a rational discussion here might persuade the powers that be that many of us would really really appreciate font size control within uTorrent, It is the norm with most apps today. See SlainGod's list off apps in the above thread for a somewhat typical example. I mean, he may be a tad nasty... but I think he _is_ right. How about you?

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Eek, that thread>< I must have been having a bad day. I agree things such as application UI should be consistent so there should be an option to keep "small" sizing. I am all for a "classic" mode (to use the term Vuze uses) if indeed the PROBLEM is with the program not the user's profile. Unfortunately I was under the impression the problem manifests only Vista since applications are allowed this luxury.. perhaps you know more about this .. "schema XML"??

Two points I'd like to make, 1) I appreciate your desire to improve the discussion and 2) If there were more reports of system profiles (OS, system DPI, font settings)... it might help speed things along. You will not see me commenting on Vista as I still find it unusable. But as far as my experience with XP is concerned, there was and is no difference between 1.7.7 and 1.8.1 as far as the perceived problems. (another note, the report in the linked thread was not for 1.8.1)

I can attribute this to possibly driver display enhancers such as the Intel or Nvidia control panel many people leave on.. I am also curious to whether you'd be willing to investigate the stability issue you brought up.

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Apologies on two counts. A) I did not wish to bring up bad memories. Some discussions do deteriorate quickly depending on one's approach don't they? Yeah.. sorry bout that! B) You are quite right. 1.8.1 was not out yet when that particular post came out. Oops. I read so many posts on the topic of Font sizing that I got confused.

Thanks for pointing out possible problems with NVidia and Intel display managers. My system is an Acer 5620-E 1207A. This box has the Intel G33 Express Chipset built in and I do have the Graphics Display Driver icon in my SysTray. I was not aware there may be conflicts with it running while changing from 96dpi to 120dpi as suggested in a few threads. I never use it really, it just installed with the driver.

Anyway, I shut down the video driver manager in the systray and changed the display settings to 120dpi on the fly again. This time uT keep on seeding just fine and the window banner and toolbar font sizes were adjusted in uT and system wide as described. The tiny fonts inside the active torrents window and side menu however are still tiny and these are the ones that I would really like to make larger.

- XP always says a reboot is required to change fonts but then goes ahead and does them actively anyway when you close the display properties window. ?

Since I am seeding away on my favorite tracker I did not want to reboot and interrupt seeding so I cannot say if the window fonts would change with a reboot or not. I will check that once my ratio gets up there. I do not think they will.

To answer your question, yes if you would like me to provide any info or investigate further I would be happy to do so. In my testing so far I have found uT to be noticeably faster than Vuze plus I really like the simple small footprint straightforward approach. Setting it up is _much_ easier for certain. Simple is good.

The only other time I have seen uT completely lock up my system was during checking activity. I had several torrents going on Vuze and they were so slow I thought hey.. I keep reading about how great uT is and I see more and more peers using it so why not give it a go. After switching clients uT (or any other client) checks the already downloaded date before proceeding. One particular file must have been corrupted or I may have had a hard disk sector issue, not sure which because in the end I had to delete the entire 4GB of downloaded data, run chkdsk several times before uT would run without hanging the whole system requiring hard power downs to recover. Once I went through all this, I ran a virus scan on the now de-fragmented drive, restarted the exact same torrent with uT and downloaded it without any problems. My theory is that the file was either corrupt and/or the hard disk had a bad sector previously un-detected so when uT tried to check the data, it got hung due to hardware problems. Just a theory though and no way to really ever know now since it worked fine after all my thrashing about!

OK. This is getting way too long. Thanks very much for your reply. Time to check my torrents... now where are my dang glasses? ;-)

I tried for over two weeks to resolve issues and understand why things that worked fine before did not. I am all for trying the latest and getting any benefits that brings but Vista just killed my will to try. So I bought another hard drive, installed trusty old XP Pro (still Bill's best effort so far imo) and left Vista spinning as a mostly data storage drive hoping someday they will fix it. I am not a gamer and

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Not to bring up old news either, but to clarify a couple of things for me at least:

I'm not seeing any differences in fonts (meaning they are still too small compared to Explorer) with Windows Server 2k3 (which is XP-ish in its UI), using uTorrent 1.8.1. (Not sure which issue on the old thread was being referred to, so wanted to clarify.)

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