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uTorrent + BitDefender


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Okay so I run uTorrent 1.8.

When BitDefender Total Security 2008 or 2009 is running, and I open up uTorrent, my computer lags so bad, the mouse moves at like 1 frame per second. It will unfreeze after like 30 seconds and then will be normal for like 10 seconds, then begin to lag again.

This only happens when I run uTorrent on my computer...

When this happens and I start task manager, I see that vsserv.exe (BitDefender Core Service) is taking 100% CPU usage. There is no way to close vsserv.exe once it has loaded up.

Why does my computer lag like this? It's really annoying because I can't download torrents and work on my computer at the same time.

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BitDefender allows uTorrent full access and is set to not block anything related to BitDefender. This has happened to me when I was using BitDefender 2008 and I upgraded to BitDefender Total Security 2009 and its still doing it.

It doesn't happen always but like 70% of the time, when I open uTorrent my computer lags. Even if I restart and open it again, it lags again..


MS Windows XP SP3

1504MB RAM


Security Programs:

BitDefender Total Security 2009

SpyBot S&D


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Really?? 1.6.1, an 18 month old version. Really?? A known crash-exploitable version.

If the lag doesn't happen all the time it stands to reason it's a problem with the programs interaction. In order to test it, you need to run the programs simultaneously and do debugging on them. Easy mode, cause a crash dump of the programs when lagging. Hard mode, use something like Process Monitor/Explorer and use system calls / stack calls to point out the problem and report to both support teams to find/workaround :D

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Lock the thread. It's obvious this is a troll who doesn't care about helping others who could experience problems with the new versions of BitDefender software.

There's a reason '09 versions come out in '08... so people can test and report bugs.

Similarly to how the developers can't fix problems without knowing they're there... you don't seriously expect them to take the time they don't have to try out versions of software they probably have never used before.. and MAKE a crash happen?? I mean I know they're geniuses, but to ask a simple user like you who already has the problem to help fix it.. yeah i see where you're coming from. It's too hard for you to do.

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KK, I can do the Hijack this and the Processes but I cannot get the crash dump because uTorrent doesn't crash... The entire computer just lags like freak

But as I said before, i installed 1.6.1 and am not getting this problem.

EDIT: Im going to re-installed 1.8.1 and post the stats. Please be patient because I'm a bit busy.

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