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First off here is what i have on my system

OS : Xp 32bit SP3

Antivirus : Avira Antivir Personal ( free edition )

Firewall : Normal Xp firewall

Anti-spyware : Ad-Aware pro and Spybot

Other program : Crapcleaner, tuneup utilities

router : Linksys WRT54G with original firmware

My problem started about 3 days ago, for some unknow reason, Utorrent keep showing me the yellow triangel saying : no incomming connection. I did hmmm what's the problem...first time in many years since i had problems with it, actually never had any problems with Utorrent for the past 4 years i've used it.

But now its different, i've tried everything, called my internet provider here in Quebec, no problem there, checked my firewall : #1, tried changing roughly 10 times the port for Utorrent on my router, no can't do, wont change anything. then i remembered that at one time i met up with a small problem with a game i had and my antivirus ( nod32 at the time ), had to change something so that my game could connect. I've checked and double checked in Avira Antivir menus for something that i might have missed...but nothing there too, unless i missed something.

Now i dont know what to do, i love Utorrent, it never let me down...till now

Just hope someone out there will be able to help me


Quebec, Canada

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