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Using Speedguide Settings?


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I have 512 kbs upload, according to Speedguide my max active torrents should be 3 and max downloads 2. So if I'm dl'ing 1 or 2 torrents that only leaves 1 or 2 torrents for uploading.

I'm active with four different private trackers, so that means there will be one or two torrents allotted for uploading to all four sites. Isn't that kind of stingy? Will uTorrent automatically rotate between all the requests from the different sites so the bandwidth is distributed fairly? Will these sites actually get more seeding from me with that setting than if I just set it to something like, say, 20 max torrents?

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Slow upload/download torrents don't count towards the max active torrent limit.

"Slow" is less than 1 KB/sec down or up.

The thing about ratios is they don't take into account how you uploaded, only the amount.

Splitting 10 KB/sec 100 ways is technically "just as much" as splitting 10 KB/sec 1-3 ways. However the second one is far kinder to other participants and actually creates additional seeds faster.

Even though uTorrent won't use additional upload slots on torrents if you have too many started at once, 20 actively seeding torrents would be using at least 20 upload slots. If you have less than 40 KB/sec upload speed devoted to that...you're giving out potentially non-useful speeds to peers. A giant torrent with 4 MB pieces means you have to give a complete 4 MB piece to a peer before it starts sharing that piece with others....which can take a long time at less than 2 KB/sec.

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