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"No Incoming Connections"


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Not sure if this should go under troubleshooting.

I finally FINALLY finally! Figured out how to correctly port forward through my Actiontec M1000 Modem from qwest. And I have successfully forwarded the port on both that and my linksys router. When I double click the yellow exlamation triangle in the bottom of uTorrent, and "Test if port is fowarded properly" It comes back as GREEN and OK!

Why would uTorrent tell me it's yellow and not accepting connections, when the port is properly forwarded? Is there anything else that could be blocking connections. I turned off firewall and anti-virus to do this test and still nothing. Maybe a setting in uTorrent? Any help would be AWESOME!

I'm still getting some speed, but no where close to where it should be/has been. So i'm not at a dead stop.

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It's been just 2 days that I'm having the same problem I used to work very well with this app

but I dont know What just happened it goes to the yellow triangle and keeps saying no incoming connection

I dont know if there is a problem out there or its mine????

does anyone else having the same prob?

any help?

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I enabled DHT and now it went green. Maybe it was gonna go green anyway but being slow (I've noticed that, but I gave it time before I posted)

After disabling DHT again it's still green and solid.

I think the icon was just taking a while to turn even though i restarted the entire program.

I've heard that DHT should be set to disabled. Why or why not? Would enabling DHT affect that icon?

Sorry that this thread has become offtopic. I'd like ANY response to ANYTHING posted here so far..

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It'll turn yellow if there are no incoming connections (for a while?), this includes not having incoming connections because there are no torrents. It's when it goes to error (red) that you have to worry.

Disabling DHT is recommended if the torrents you use never allow DHT, your ISP is a dick, or just general speed problem troubleshooting. I think DHT is included in the icon.

DHT is very useful if you can't connect to the torrents tracker for whatever reason.

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