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Remaining Harddrive Space


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  • 1 month later...

WOW,...what a surpise!

I just downloaded the latest beta and what did i find?

RIGHT: The most missing feature of all! (Well, 'most missing' at least IMHO.)

Strange only that i didnt get a notification for this thread anymore,...didnt even know there was a place to vote for the feature until now. Otherwise i would have voted as well, of course.

However, id like to express my sincerest thanks to Mr. Strigeus for adding this feature,...i know a LOT of people will be a LOT more happy now with µT,...:)

(Not that we werent happy with it before,...guess you know what i mean,...;))

Good luck with the project in the future and thanks again,

Phazor <--- Very happy now. :)

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Thank You very much for this new feature. I was really hoping for something like this and suprised to see it has already been added. thanks a ton. saves me the time of having to minimize and open my computer to check. easy but now easier to do. thanks a ton.

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